grandma green's art

Here are some scans of three pieces sketched by Grandma Green (Floris Butts Green). I don't have much information on when or how they were done, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating them!

If you know much of anything about these pieces, I'd love to learn more about them, so please e-mail me with what you know and I'll add that information.

I digitized them using an oversize flatbed scanner, and have some fairly high resolution image files. If you'd like a copy of the files for making a digital print — or just to have — just e-mail me. Since they are rather large, it would be best to send them by CD. If you'd rather download them, I can arrange that, but I don't have the server space to keep them available for very long.

Update; 2009-11-06: It's been a while since I first posted this page, and I've since upgraded to a new webhost that is much more generous with disk space, so the high-res photos are now available for download. Right-click on the images below to download. Left-click at your peril; they still are quite large, and would take a while to load in your browser window. As always, email me if you have trouble with them.